Stokke Munch Tableware and Bib


Stokke turned to us with an ambition of taking a more holistic grip of the life around the table, by creating a range of eating tools as accessories for the Tripp Trapp and Steps chairs.
In addition to Stokke’s high aesthetic ambition to deliver attractive interior artefacts that strongly appeal to their target groups through its user experience, the products would also work optimally even in outdoor use by being spill proof, extremely durable and easy to carry and store.
The project had a high functional and material ambition as well as solid requirements list that must suit all Stokke’s markets globally, requirements and standards. The products also had to be suitable for e-commerce channels.


Stokke Munch is a super functional and durable children’s tableware with premium feel and quality. The ergonomically designed cup, plate, bowl and cutlery are easy for children to hold and encourages self-feeding.
The bowl, plate and sippy cup have non-slip bases and weighted bottoms to avoid spillage. The sippy cup lid has an all-in-one-solution. It’s got both an anti-drip function and double sealed closure with press fit, in only one piece.
Munch bowl, cup and plate are made with 3K injection moulding technique (TPE+PP+PP). Thought this technique we could have super durable in-mould graphics, heavy weighted bottoms and anti slip surfaces with tight hygienic sealings.
The soft and comfy bib is gentle against baby´s and toddler´s neck and skin. It’s made of safe, high-quality, food grade silicone and is easy to roll up for easy storage and transport.
The cute soft collar creates a soft feel towards baby’s neck.


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