Esska Esprit Anti-Colic bottle

The goal and the challenge with this project was to make a really affordable anti-colic bottle with a design that expresses the Esska brand- and core values with the best possible functionality. It must work with optimal performance in all areas. Both for the parent and the child and in all possible situations like at the cooking, feeding and cleaning. With continuous user studies and fast model making, we were able to take us smoothly through the design process and make the best possible solution for both customer and end users.
The project also included packaging design.
ESPRIT bottle has a wide opening which makes it both easy to fill and easy to wash. The teat of the bottle has a patented air system that reduces colic in the child. This means that the child does not swallow air and it prevents colic. The curvature of the teat mimics the natural shape of the breast, which facilitates moving from breast to bottle feeding. The teat is made of high quality Ultra Soft Medical Grade Silicone that does not change shape, do not age and are easy to keep clean.
The cap can be used as the measuring spoon and when it is turned on as leak-proof lid. The bottle is ergonomically designed, making it easy to grip both for the child and for the parent.


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